Bistro MALKIA offers a multifunctional air-conditioned two-storied space with the capacity up to 100 people. It's suitable for organizing children and family parties and celebrations. We can arrange a number of services depending on your requests as long as it won't disrupt the natural ever-day order of things in MALKIA Park.

During the day, MALKIA Bistro serves as a restaurant for the visitors of MALKIA Park. We offer a selection of ready-made meals, sweet and salty snacks, coffee, tea and ice-cream depending on a current offer.

 Birthday and other celebrations

 Company events

 Special themed events in MALKIA Park

 Lunch menu for schools and kindergartens (pre-arranged organized school trips only during the school year)





Bistro Caesar is situated inside MALKIA Park and it is open during the day. We offer a selection of refreshments, sweet and salty snacks, coffee, tea and ice-cream depending on a current offer.

Our food is not prepared with palm oil.

Palm oil is in high demand, because even though it's far more unhealthy than rape or sunflower oil, it's much cheaper. The oil palm Elaeis guineensis grows on plantations which are in majority replacing the original rain forests. Many animal species are therefore losing their homes. You can also contribute to their rescue by reading the labels thoroughly and by reducing the purchase of products that contain palm oil. We at MALKIA Park do so and you won't find any products containing palm oil on our premises.

Bistro Malkia and Cezar are operated by Medano s.r.o ..
Please send your suggestions to Responsible: Ms Helena Laczó. We thank you.