Basic safety rules

Beasts are beasts. That`s why it`s necessary for you to follow the basic safety rules during your visit in the park.
We especially want to warn parents with small kids to always be mindful of the whereabouts of their children.

Thank you for being considerate to the animals and other visitors in the Malkia Park.



Feeding animals with your own food is not permitted!

Don't put your hands or fingers into the cages and enclosures!

No shouting in the park, be quiet and respectful!

Keep your distance from all the cages and enclosures – at least 1m!

Don't lean on the cages and enclosures!

Be careful, the fences are electric!

Don't tease the animals with anything!

No running in the grounds!

No smoking in the park!

No home pets allowed in the park!

Don't act immaturely and inappropriately! Be respectful!