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Desert lion Adelle


Adelle, Malkia's fellow warrior

Adelle, as well a Malkia wasn't lucky to receive parental love and care. She was born at the previous owners of the lion Leo and lioness Suria, who rejected her as a small cub. Since she was 4 months old, she's been living with Malkia and they are still great allies. But she does feel the dominancy of the year older Malkia many times.

Lion is the biggest predator in Africa and the only wild cat that lives in larger groups of 20 to 30 members. They are formed by one or more adult males and several females with different old cubs. Their roar can be heard for about 5–8 km.

A century ago the lion population was approximately 200 000 individuals. Today there are less than 30 000 and 80% animals have disappeared from their original habitat.

Lions, the kings of animals have been a popular symbol of majesty and bravery for millennia. What`s happening to this iconic animal? The human factor is the main reason of decreasing of their population. Their threat in the wild are poachers, the loss of their natural habitat as well as the trophy hunters. Lions are still abused in circuses all over the world.

For the ADOPTION DONATION for Adelle we would like to thank: Wife and Husband VYDARENÍ.


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