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Red-shouldered Macaw Aurora a Quintus


 Aurora and Quintus were too noisy

The previous owner did not consider the conditions that need communicative and social parrots for a full life. As they were very noisy looking for them a new home.
We believe that they are happy with us - they have company, attention, a varied menu, toys, veterinary care, an outdoor aviary and an indoor heated area.

This is the smallest type of amacaws. They are green in color, with the upper part of the head and top blue to blue-green. The edges of the wings are red. Red also has large lower wing rafters.
The beak is in the subspecies - Venezuelan red-breasted macaw - all black, in the subspecies - Southern red-breasted macaw - the upper part of the beak is light.

Red-breasted Macaw grows to a size of max 30cm.
It belongs to a small number of macaws that are not subject to mandatory registration under the international CITES convention.

It feeds mainly on tree crowns and trusses - shoots, fruits, flowers, seeds, berries.

It is bred as a pet, this species is popular with breeders who can not afford to breed large species of parrots. If you get them as a cub, they will tame as well as big macaws.

With enough attention, a red-breasted macaw can be an excellent family pet, it can learn to talk (they can ask for goodness, ask out of the cage, ask for a toilet, ...).

When you don't pay attention to it, it's very noisy. Also in several pairs kept in flats or aviaries, these small macaws are very loud for their size, which can annoy neighbors.

For the ADOPTION DONATION for Aurora and Quintus we would like to thank: Natalia Plutzerova.

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