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Llama Bubu & lamy


Bambi, Dežo & Bubu

Lamas got to Malkia Park from a private person.
We have extensive enclosures with trees, grass, shade ....
For ungulates, it is ideal to live in a large grassy area with plenty of movement, a constant opportunity to graze and be in contact with friends - they are herd animals, so they need to live in a group, in a herd.
Their menu includes hay, fruits, vegetables, special granules and the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Currently the area that they inhabit is smaller and they occur in the Andy mountains, 3800-5500 m above the sea level. Their optimal environment is in 4200-5000 m above the sea level. In the last 40 years they have spread all over the world as a livestock.

They live in parts of Bolivia and Peru. Small population is also in the North Chile, Argentina and Ecuador. They pasture on the hillsides and the mid to tall grasses.

Llamas are strictly territorial animals. They have their day (pastural) and night (resting) territories.


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