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American puma Clyde (Bonnie - R.I.P.)


After their experiences with the circus, Bonnie and Clyde don't trust people anymore

Siblings Bonnie and Clyde got into our care when they were over a year old, because they have become redundant for the circus for some reason. In circuses they handle animals with cruelty and that's why our two pumas don't trust people. We try to make up for everything bad that has happened to them by creating a big enough space and better conditions for life. So now, instead of dressage, they can roam free in their enclosure.
Unfortunately Bonnie passed away on April 24. 2019 because of kidney failure. We hope she had good time at least those few year in Malkia Park. We did our best for her and for all of our animals.

Pumas live from Canada through USA and Central America all the way to Patagonia in the South America. The size of their territory depends on the available food resource and can differ from 25 square meters up to 1000 square meters.

American Puma is also called a mountain lion or cougar. Even though puma is stronger than the approximately as big leopard, she doesn’t belong into the big wild cat family - Panthera.


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