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Silver Fox Didi a Danka


 Known for its beautiful silver fur coat.


Didi and Danka were rescued from a fur farm.
Silver fox is a colorful variant (one of the 15 species) of red fox, which was intentionally bred for a fur industry. In fur farms, foxes are stressed, live in a small cages, in unsuitable conditions, on slatted floor and without ensuring natural conditions.
The EU is the largest producer of fur, with about 2 000 000 foxes killed per year. 11 silver foxes must be killed in order to make one fur coat.
In the wild they live in pairs, both parents take care of cubs, they are active during the day but also at night and are able to adapt to different habitats from tundra to big cities.
They have very good hearing, smell, sight and are able to swim. Communication is via barking, growling and howling. The fox is very adaptable and the base of their nutrition is changed according to the environment where they actually live. 
Do you know how to distinguish our two fox girls from each other? Didi has a white tail end.

Head and body length: 45-90 cm

Weight: 3-10 kg

For the ADOPTION DONATION for Didi and Danka we would like to thank: Danka Hanzlíková, Niclas Fürdös.  

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