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Bengal tiger Diesel (Kenzo - R.I.P. Chance - R.I.P.)


 Kenzo, Diesel and Chance were confiscated by the Polish government from bad conditions privat breeder

Older male Kenzo, jounger male Diesel and female Chance. These tigers come from Poland from unsuitable conditions and have been deposited by us since April 6th, 2018.
In Poland, the government has seized several animals from a private person who kept them in inappropriate conditions (along with Kenz, Chance and Diesel, we also have a spotted leopard Oscar in a depository in Malkia Park from Poland).

As the age of these confiscated animals is not known, it is estimated that daddy Kenzo could have arrived on arrival in about 10 years.
Kenzo was found to have severe bilateral osteoarthritis (a degenerative disease) of the hip joints, which we noticed immediately upon arrival - he walked hard and crooked.
In order to relieve his pain, he was given supportive treatment with joint nutrition and medicines for possible pain after consultation with veterinarians.
To alleviate his pain, he was given supportive treatment with joint nutrition and painkillers (analgetics) after consultation with veterinarians.
The last month of the observation, weight loss occurred despite he was still eating, but last week it got worse and we had to do an medicinal tests that showed us kidney failure.
Unfortunately, in such a diagnosis there is no help for the animal and due to poor urine and blood results, euthanasia by the owner of the tigers and two veterinarians was recommended (in our country this group of tigers is only deposited animals, we are not their owners Poland ... but we take care of them with love and as best we can).
KENZO will stay in our hearts forever with his kind facial expression, he was a beautiful tiger (February 11th 2021).

The same health condition as Kenza affected our beloved Chance and she left us on 11/28/2022.

Kenzo was the boldest of the tiger family from the beginning, Chance was the one who was the boldest of the tiger trio.
The most difficult thing is with Diesel, who is a "stuck bachelor".
Cooperation with them has been somewhat better after years, but we still have a lot of work to do with Diesel.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the total population in the wild was about 100,000 tigers, today there are about 4,500 individuals in the wild.
Their decline in the wild is caused by humans - deforestation, poaching and trafficking.
Tigers have become an important commodity of Chinese medicine, their organs are used for various medical purposes - they use and attribute magical properties to parts tiger´s body for the treatment of various human diseases.
But the effects have never been scientifically proven.
Every part from the snout to the tip of the tail is
illegally sold on the black market (bile - treatment of cramps in children, blood - strengthening immunity, bones - against inflammation, ...).
Their fur coat is used as a rug or fur coat clothes.

The capture of young used for commercial purposes is also a threat.
In captivity, these beasts are used in circuses or as pets for a not long time. In various contact zoos they serve as an attraction for visitors to take pictures and stroking.
These animals can no longer be returned to the wild, but in captivity they should be provided with the best and most natural living conditions.

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