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Desert lion Elza


Lioness Elza, heroin from a circus

Elza belongs into the group of our first animals from a private owner, who was taking care of several cats from the circus at the time and who wasn't managing the care. Because of the costly care for these cats he couldn't care for them anymore and so these animals were taken into the Malkia Park. Elza is the eldest queen of the Malkia Park and the mother of our Malkia and Alex.

Lion is the biggest predator in Africa, the males can grow up to 3 m in length from the top of their nose to the end of their tail and they can weight on average about 180-250 kg. Their roar can he heard for about 5-8 km and they can survive without water for about 3-4 days.

The largest known lion ever recorded was a male and weighed an incredible 272 kg. This "giant" was from Kenya. These animals can open their jaws up to
in width of 28 cm.
They have great hearing. They can hear their roar at a distance of up to 1.6 km.The lion males needs about 5 kg of meat a day, while the lion females consumes 7 or more kg per day.

The lion can be crossed with a tiger. Such experiments have been tested on humans in captive animals. The combination of these two huge cats creates an even bigger one, called a liger. However, it can no longer reproduce. 
Many royal and aristocratic badges wore the image of the lion as a symbol of strength, courage and beauty.
The mortality of cubs is very high, because they get food only when adults will eat.
They usually stay on the ground, but in some areas they also have a habit of climbing trees.

 For the ADOPTION DONATION for Elza we would like to thank: Robert Heijenrath.


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