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American jaguar Franco & Nero


Franco and Nero are enjoying the joy of movement together

Siblings Franco and Nero got into our care as half-year-old kittens from a private owner from unsuitable conditions. Unfortunately, we were not able to save their mother, because the owner was not willing to give her up. Wild cats don`t belong in the hands of private owners. In the Malkia Park, we are trying to create more suitable conditions with a much larger enclosure.

The main area of occurrence is the Amazonian rain forest. But besides there, the jaguar lives in almost the whole South and Central America, from Mexico to Argentina. They prefer tropical rain forests, but they also sometimes live in the bush or the savannahs with trees, scrubs or reed.

Following the tiger and the lion, the jaguar is the third biggest wild cat in the world. They are solitary. They spend time with their kind only during the mating season or when female is caring for the kittens. To keep other jaguars from their territory, they mark it with urine or scratches on the trees.


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