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Snowy owl Hedviga & Harry


The endangered snowy owl

The entire population outside of Russia is estimated to be only around 35 couples, a rough estimation for the European part of Russia is 1300 to 4500 couples. In 1978 the maximum density in Sweden, during the overpopulation of lemminis was 41 couples per 100 square meters.

They occur in the north of Europe, Asia and north America. They live mostly in the costal tundra and peatlands. In Europe they are rare nesters nowadays, they nest mainly in the north of Russia, rarely in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Iceland. They occur only very rarely here in Slovakia during the winter months. According to the records, since 1980 they have been spotted in Slovakia only 12 times.

The snowy owl belongs amongst the protected animals and amongst the endangered animal species!

Snowy owl sponsorship in Malkia Park:
We care about nature, and in order for the life of Hedvig's snowy owls to prosper, the ČSOB Foundation decided to financially support their care and health protection. Simona Šípová, administrator of the ČSOB Foundation



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