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Spotted hyena Joey (Andy - R.I.P.)


Brothers Andy and Joey needed a new home
for disagreements with their father

"ZOO na Hrádečku" is a Czech private ZOO since 2016.
The parents of our hyena males they had saved from the worst conditions from private breeder in poor health. They were told that they were two males (the sexual organs of males and female hyenas are identical, it is not clear whether they are male or female).
One day, however, the cubs were born, who may have been with their parents from the beginning, but as they grew up, there were disagreements with their father and it was necessary to find them a new home.
There was a place in Malkia Park and with the huge help of volunteers and our keepers, we quickly created a enclousre for hyenas, where they have everything they need.

The intelligence of these animals is surprisingly high in some areas. In tests of the ability to solve problems by cooperating, spotted hyenas regularly slaughter even chimpanzees.

A robust beast that has front legs longer than hind legs. The coat is dark with black spots. Thanks to its adaptability, it has become the most widespread great beast of sub-Saharan Africa.
Most of its food consists of meat, which it catches on its own, a smaller proportion then consists of carcasses, which it can use perfectly, thus ensuring a "disinfectant" function in nature.
They lives in family clans, always led by a dominant female. Females tend to be larger and more aggressive than males.
Females have pseudopenis, which makes gender discrimination more difficult. They hunt mainly at night and spend days in burrows, rock overhangs or other shelters.
Hyenas are very caring mothers, the term hyena mother seems to be based on the fact that in case of lack of food for all pups, weaker individuals are killed by siblings or parents, so that other pups have a better chance of survival.
Spotted hyenas can run long distances and do not get tired. They are also good swimmers.

On January 17th 2021 during the morning inspection of the animals, Andy was found in a lateral position with floating movements (seizure) and died during transport for treatment. Tissue samples were taken for diagnostic purposes.
R. I. P. Andy - you will stay forever in our hearts.

For the ADOPTION DONATION for Joey we would like to thank: Dagmar Lübeck Kochanová.

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