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Lar gibbon Klaudia & Lui


Klaudia and Lui, that suffers from separation anxiety till today

Lui got into our care as a year-old infant from a private owner from unsuitable conditions. Lui's separation from his mother was before he reached his first year of life and that has caused a psychological trauma and that's why you can see him pound his back against the glass or a wall and he often sucks on his thumb, as babies do.

The company is made by female Klaudia, so we hope that Lui´s mischief with naughty and games together with Klaudia they will be able to alleviate Lui's mental problems from childhood.

Lar gibbons live in the south-east Asia (the back of India) and Malaysia (Sunda islands). During Pleistocene they were spread across China, Vietnam, Laos and Indonesia. They inhabit rainforests and mountain forests up to 2000 m above the sea level.

Gibbons are the smallest primates and just like the other ones, they don't have a tail. Lar gibbon is the most active out of all the gibbons. Gibbons can't swim. They move very quickly and in one jump, they can jump the length of 8-10 m. Their back legs are used for walking and front legs, which are 40% longer are used for keeping a balance.

They are active during the day and they come out of the tree crowns only rarely. They live in small family groups and what's peculiar about them, is that they are monogamous primates.

 For the ADOPTION DONATION for Klaudia and Lui
we would like to thank:
Erika Borosova and Asaf.


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