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Spotted hyena Laurel a Hardy


 Spotted hyenas can be found in Slovakia
only in Malkia Park❤️

ZOO na Hrádečku has been a czech private ZOO since 2016. The parents of our hyena males they had saved from the worst conditions from private breeder in poor health. They were told that they were two males (the sexual organs of males and female hyenas are identical, it is not clear whether they are male or female).
One day, however, the cubs were born, who may have been with their parents from the beginning, but as they grew up, there were disagreements with their father and it was necessary to find them a new home.
There was a place in Malkia Park and with the huge help of volunteers and our keepers, we quickly created a enclousre for hyenas, where they have everything they need.

The Spotted Hyena is the largest living carnivore of the hyena family. It occurs in the savannas and semi-deserts of Africa. It is especially active at night.
It is a territorial beast living in clans, where females are dominant.
The number of clan members differs from the area he inhabits - more than 50 of them live together in the savannas, and in the desert areas there are more than 5 adults with young. It protects its territory with odorous exudates, various sounds and patrolling hyenas.

Hyenas make a lot of sounds. Their familiar "laughter" serves to demonstrate subordination to the older members of the community. He uses a roaring howl to summon a group or to look for young.

Hyena is a skilled hunter. When hunting alone, it catches hares, land birds and fish in swamps or shallow waters. When hunting in a clamp, hyenas are also able to kill adult zebras or wildebeests.
It has powerful jaws, so it devours almost everything from the prey, including bones, hooves and horns.
A food weighing up to one third of its weight is able to get its food deep and at one saturation at once. Sometimes it steals prey from another predator.

Currently, a total of about 27,000 to 47,000 individuals live on Earth. The largest known population occurs in the Serengeti ecosystem and the Kruger National Park. The population of spotted hyenas has a declining trend, especially in the west and east of Africa, mainly due to accidentally placed eyes and poisoning. In South Africa, the population of this species in protected areas is stable.

They were in the fortified Ethiopian city of Harar
according to written sources, hyenas already existed before 500 years ago, where they disinfected the city by eating organic waste during a plague epidemic. In 1960, a local farmer began feeding them regularly in front of the city to protect his cattle from attacks. This created an everyday tradition that will continue in future generations.

For the ADOPTION DONATION for Laurel and Hardy
we would like to thank: Katarína Hrušková.

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