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Southern two-toed sloth Lena


A lazy day

The southern two-toed sloth lives in the rainforests of South (and Central) America, in the trees, often hanging only by their paws.

Sloths have a long and thick brown fur, that grows the opposite direction as usual. That protects sloths from the rain, because the water can flow from the belly down the back to the ground and so the fur doesn't get wet.

It empties about once every ten days, but it is not a major exception every 30 days. Then they have to get to the ground and become an easy prey for predators.
More than half of the sloths die outside their tree, their slowness has nothing to do with laziness - it's a way to survive. They sleep more than 22 hours. They have very slow digestion. It moves on the ground at a speed of 2 m per minute, on trees 3 meters per minute.


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