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Leopard Leoš


Handsome Leoš didn't have a nice start in life

Handsome Leoš got into our care as a tree-year old after going through couple of different private owners. People often take wild cats as cubs for playing as house pets and when they grow up they stay locked up in small cages because of the possibility that they could hurt someone. Leoš even though he didn't have a very nice beginning has a very playful and curious nature.

Leopard belongs to protected species. It has become extinct in some areas. People are killing him for his beautiful fur. His fur sells for huge sums of money.

The leopard is perfectly equipped for night hunting with its excellent eyesight and hearing, which is extremely long to the touch-sensitive mustache.
He climbs well, has very strong shoulder muscles and muscles of the forelimbs.
When he catches prey, he climbs it into the treetops (sometimes up to 6 meters high) so that he is not stolen from other beasts (hyenas and jackals) and eats her in peace.
In nature, it performs a sanitary function - it hunts only sick, old, injured individuals and young prey.
In the deserts, the colors of leopard fur are creamy-yellow, in grassy areas dark yellow, spots on the body serve as an excellent camouflage in the vegetation.

we would like to thank: Lucia Gažúrová.

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