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Yukon wolf Loki, Hella, Valkyra


The majestic Yukon wolf

Wolves got into our care from a privat zoo. We are glad, they have a new home here, in our park.

The Yukon wolf lives in the North America in Alaska and Yukon, except the tundra of the coastal Arctica. The Yukon wolf is usually of a dark colour, most commonly black or brown, can also be black mixed with brown, grey or white. In adulthood they are quite big, with the length of 150 to 210 cm from the top of their nose to the end of their tail. The adult wolf weights 45 to 54 kg. It's currently probably the biggest wolf of North America.

The Yukon wolf hunts mainly caribou, moose, bison, wild sheep, rabbits and ground squirrels. They travel in packs that consist of five to eight adult members.


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