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Desert lion Malkia


Malkia, the soul of the park

Our first rescued lioness Malkia gave the name and purpose to the whole project. Malkia in the Swahili language means the queen. She was born in captivity at her previous owner to her lion parents Leo and Elsa. She was rejected by her mother and therefore she was left to be taken care of by humans. Even though she was born with a broken tail it definitely didn't take anything from her beauty and charm, but in the wild nature she might not survive with this handicap. As a cub she grew up with a golden retriever up until Adelle didn't come along. They now live happily in the same enclosure.

Lion is the biggest predator in Africa, the males can grow up to 3 m in length from the top of their nose to the end of their tail and they can weight on average about 180-250 kg. Their roar can be heard for about 5-8 km and they can survive without water for about 3-4 days.

A century ago the lion population was approximately 200 000 individuals. Today there are less than 30 000 and 80% animals have disappeared from their original habitat.

Lions, the kings of animals have been a popular symbol of majesty and bravery for millennia. What`s happening to this iconic animal? The human factor is the main reason of decreasing of their population. Their threat in the wild are poachers, the loss of their natural habitat as well as the trophy hunters. Lions are still abused in circuses all over the world.



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