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Bactrian camel Nela


Nela was born in a circus.

When she came to us a year and eight months ago in addition to health problems that were not treated in the circus. The pus that had formed in the bottom sled had to be treated daily for two months a day.

Since we found 2 pathological holes in the sled, we had to carry out an X-ray on the basis of which her veterinarian had to tear the damaged tooth.

Animals born in captivity may have various genetic anomalies and chronic infections.

Female camels give birth to babies every two years. Subsequently, they produce 1 to 7 liters of milk per day for 13 months. All domesticated tiavas are about 15 million, with most living in North Africa and Western Asia. However, the origin of the camel is in Central Asia. It can be seen in the region from Kazakhstan to northern Manchuria. Like the dromedary camel, it was domesticated in the distant past. Today it is, in the wild, on the verge of extinction.

For the ADOPTION DONATION for Nela we would like to thank: Monika Batíková, Saška and Niki,
Ľubica Kubičková, Daniela Gregorcová.


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