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Clouded leopard Obláčik


Cloud recovered after leaving the zoo

Cloud got into our care as a three-year old in a bad psychological state from a private zoo. It took longer for him to start trusting us but today he is able to communicate with the care-takers through the bars. Unfortunately, these leopards can be quite aggressive towards their female counterparts in captivity and during the mating season they can often kill the female. He caused an injury to our Cattleya. After that he was moved into a more secure enclosure so that he wouldn't be in contact with anyone.

Clouded leopards belong to rare species in the wild. Their degree of endangerment in the wild is – vulnerable. The biggest threat for this species is deforestation of their natural habitat and humans – the illegal hunting for their beautiful fur and other parts of the body (mainly the bones and teeth) used in the traditional Chinese medicine. They belong the generally endangered species in the wild. They had four subspecies but now there are only tree (the Taiwanese is extinct). Endangered are also the ones on the Sumatran island (the fourth biggest island in the world), where due to deforestation and oil palm planting they are losing their natural habitat, their homes.

They usually live mainly in the tropical rain forests. In Nepal and Bhutan, they also live in the dry forest under the mountains which can be 2500 m above the sea level. Less often they can be found in mangrove forests. This species spreads from the mountains of Himalayas in Nepal and some parts of north-east India all the way to south China, Indochinese region (Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand) and Malaysian peninsula. Originally, they lived also on the island of Taiwan, but they've gone extinct there about 30 years ago. They are solitary and their homes are in south, south-east and east Asia (they are quite obscure habitants of the spacious forests of Asian tropics: from India through Nepal all the way to south China, back of India, Malaysia and Indonesia).

Clouded leopard's tail is as long as his body. The overall length of the animal is 60-110 cm and weight is about 16-23 kg. They are wonderful in jumping, they have beautiful long tails which help them keep balance when they for example climb head down through a tree.

 For the ADOPTION DONATION for Obláčik we would like to thank:
Lucy, Tina and Marta Melicheríkové, Christina Bares, Karin.

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