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Domestic sheep Ovca valaška


Wallachian sheep

Wallachian sheep got to the region of today`s Slovakia during the Wallachian colonisation in the 13th and 14the century. Wallachian belongs into the category of ‘goat sheep’, bred in the Balkan.

In Slovakia, the Wallachian sheep have been bred for generations in 600-1200 m above the sea level in Liptov, Kysuce, Orava, Spis, the region of Low Tatras, Big and Small Fatra and Spisske Rudohorie.

Very similar sheep to our wallachian sheep are bred in the area of the Carpathian arc, in Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Poland and also in Germany.

 For the ADOPTION DONATION for Wallachian sheep we would like to thank: Adriana Kováčová.


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