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Serval Šejk



Serval is a tall and slim animal, that resembles a dog with a cat`s head. They have big rounded ears and their fur is coloured similarly as the cheetah. Long legs, relatively longest from all the wild cats, allow them to move easily in the tall grass of savannahs. The coloration is creamy or yellowish with black spots, there also occur a melanic form. Black coloured individuals occur mainly in mountain areas of Kenya and Ethiopia.

The main threat of serval`s survival is degradation of swamps and pastures. Serval doesn’t belong amongst the endangered species, but they are being captured and hunted for their fur.

More and more people keep servals at home as pets, since is a shorter wild cat and can get used to people more easily. They are often kept by Arabic sheikhs and they even breed them with house cats.

For the ADOPTION DONATION for Šejk we would like to thank: 
Barbora Blastiakova, Mária Ligačová.


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