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Siberian/Ussurian tiger Timur


Timur doesn't have escape anymore

Timur was born in captivity in Slovakia at a private breeding and he was rejected by his mother. He came to the Malkia Park with a scratched nose, which was caused by him trying to escape from a small cage he was kept in. He still has a scar but now there is no threat here and he doesn't have a reason to escape because we give him love and care.

At the beginning of 20th century, there were about 100 thousand tigers worldwide. Now there are only about 3-4,5 thousand tigers in the wild.

Siberian tigers are the biggest ones from all the tiger subspecies. The males weight about 180-306 kg and therefore they are bigger than the females (100-167kg). 29th July is the International day of tigers, since 2010 when it was established at the Global tiger recovery summit in Saint-Petersburg (Tiger summit for short).

Tigers love water and so each of them has to have a pool in their enclosure. One of their most distinct characteristic are their stripes. Each tiger has their own unique pattern, just like humans have their fingerprints. Their skin has the same stripe pattern as their fur.

For the ADOPTION DONATION for Timur we would like to thank: Marián Ševčík.


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