We first time opened the gates of rescue station MALKIA PARK in Orechová Potôň on 3rd June 2016. Our primary aim is to create the most optimal living conditions for animals that we save from circuses and not appropriate domestic breeding conditions.

There are representatives many gens of felids (lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars, lynxes, pumas, cheetahs). We are especially looking forward to a rare guest – female of snow leopard named Hima which is the only one of its kind in Slovakia. You can see gibbons, capuchin monkeys and lemurs, parrots, meerkat or turtles from nearby. You can stroke and feed with our feedstuff ungulates (zebras, camel, donkeys, sheep, goats, lamas), rabbits, kangaroos, Hedgehog chickens and peacocks. In area of MALKIA Park you can find mobile aquarium with live sharks that was saved after the oil accident in Gulf of Mexico in 2010. Sharks have spent almost a year of treatment and adaptation to the new environment. Their rescuer didn´t have the resources to continue their care so they are in our care since the end of 2016.

You can also support us in our efforts. Any financial contribution will help us build new outings for animals, larger shark tanks, and provide food for all our wards. Thank you!


Do you realize what’s happening with animals in the world of the circus?

Animals travel miles from city to city in tight cages. Only because of human avidity and vision of earnings, animals are involuntary clowns only for short-term public entertainment. It is unfair and especially completely unnatural. Do you think that animal has the pleasure from filling the nonsense commands and also do you think that the animal is enjoying the feeling from the jump of fire circles when it is afraid of fire? Of course not, after each fulfilled command are long hours of painful training full of suffering and suppression of the animal´s naturalness. And we do not want the animals to suffer, do we? If we do not attend animal circuses, they will not earn and they will not be able to exist. Circus owners will have no reason to keep animals in captivity. Our legislation does not prohibit circus performances with animals yet. However, many countries have already done this so we hope that this will happen soon in Slovakia.

Wild animals are not safe from humans!

Except that the human hunted the wild animals for further monetization (often illegally because of a fur, tusks or another – on the black market of a highly valued part of the body), ever-increasing humanity requires more and more space and steals from the territories of animals. Man destroys the environment, destroys the original biotopes (wetlands, savannahs, natural forests and jungle) and replaces them with plantations and other high production units. Animals are losing their homes and their populations are dying out. Do you know that many chocolates, margarines, sticks or cosmetics contain palm oil? It is made from the palm of the Guinea fowl palm. There is a great demand for it, because even though it is much unhealthier than rape or sunflower oil, it is significantly cheaper. Guinea oil is grown on plantations that are in large part replacing the original rainforests of Indonesia and Malaysia. A lot of animal species (we can all mention rare orang-utans and Sumatran tigers) are losing their sanctuaries. You can also help save them by studying labels and limiting the purchase of palm oil products. So we do in MALKIA PARK and you cannot find palm oil products at our park.

Is it right for animals to suffer because of human fashion?

Animals bred for their valuable fur survive their short lives in inhumane conditions and often die in a drastic way. And this is because satisfaction of human desire for exclusivity. Nowadays, thanks to advanced technologies, we can develop a variety of different materials with perfect technical properties and produce artificial fur that is unaware of animal´s. It is high time to say that the fur belongs only to the animal. Because it was born with fur. We must not forget about cosmetics. Many cosmetics companies are still testing their products on animals that are suffering from long-term pain and dying in pain. It is up to us to carefully consider the choice of the manufacturer and the right product.

Choose compassion instead of cruelty.

As part of the possibilities and respect for animals, we have created a space in MALKIA Park, where you can also get close contact with some species (rabbit, kangaroo, goat, capybara, pig). Access to these animals is only with the nurse, limited by the number of visitors and only in the specified times. For great lovers and enthusiasts, we have also prepared special packages that guarantee unforgettable experiences. In addition, you can become a nurse for one day and under the leadership of employees you can know more about some species of animals.