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We shouldn't allow them to keep suffering in undignified conditions and we should finally give them a peaceful and happy life.

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Our mission is to save feline (cat) species from circuses and other inappropriate conditions found in private breeding programs and Zoos.

Other animal species that have been abused or rejected have also found sanctuary here. Unfortunately, these animals would not be able to survive in the wild, and so, with the help of private funding, we have created a park to provide the ideal conditions for them to have a new and dignified life. In addition, it is our goal to spread awareness about endangered species and nature conservation as well as to motivate people to respect and love animals everywhere.

Malkia Park (Big Cats Rescue) became on May 5, 2022 the first private zoo in Slovakia and at the same time the first ZOO, which was established in the era of the Slovak Republic.

Thank you for showing concern for animal welfare.

Circus animals travel long distances from city to city in tight cages. Because of human greed and profit they are forced to become clowns for public amusement. This is both unjust and completely unnatural. Do you think that these animals are happy to take ludicrous orders, or that they enjoy for example jumping through rings of fire, even though they are afraid of fire? Of course not! Behind every trick they have to perform, there are long hours of painful training filled with suffering and the repression of the animal's nature. And we don't want the animals to suffer, right? If we stop visiting animal circuses, they won't earn the money they need to exist. Circus owners will no longer have any reason to keep animals in captivity. Our legislation has not so far banned circus performances with animals, but many countries have done so and we hope that Slovakia will soon follow suit.

Apart from people capturing and hunting animals living in the wild for profit (often illegally for the fur, tusks or other body parts which have a demand on the black market), the ever-growing human population requires more and more space and therefore continually encroaches on wild animal habitat. People are destroying the environment, spoiling natural habitats (wetlands, savannas, forests and rain forests) and replacing them with plantations and farmland. Wildlife is losing habitat and their populations are decreasing. Do you know that many brands of chocolate, margarine, bars and wafers, and cosmetics contain palm oil? This is made from the fruit of oil palm Elaeis guineensis. Palm oil is in high demand, because even though it's much less healthy than sunflower or rapeseed oil, it's much cheaper to produce. The Oil Palm Elaeis guineensis is grown on plantations which are replacing large areas of the original rain forests of Indonesia and Malaysia. Many animal species (most significantly the rare orangutans and Sumatran tigers) are losing their cover. You can contribute to their rescue by reading the labels on these products and avoid purchasing those that that contain palm oil. We, in MALKIA PARK do this ourselves and you will not find any products containing palm oil here.

Animals bred for their valuable fur live their short life in Inhuman conditions and lose it in often unspeakably drastic ways, all in the name of human vanity. Nowadays, when advanced technology enables us to produce a variety of different fabrics with impeccable qualities, and make faux fur, indistinguishable from the real thing, it's time to say that fur belongs only to the animals. They were born with it after all. Let's not forget about cosmetics either. Many cosmetics brands still do animal testing on animals that undergo long periods of suffering and suffer painful deaths. It's our responsibility to carefully consider who are the manufacturers of the products we buy.

Malkia Park

The gates of Malkia Park in Orechová potôň were opened for the first time on 4rd June 2016. We named the park after our first rescued lioness, Malkia. In Swahili this name means queen and because the lion is the king of the animals, loosely translated we can call Malkia park Royal Park. Animals that have found refuge here have mostly been born in captivity and therefore could not survive in the wild. Even though we unfortunately can't provide them with real freedom, we care for them with love, so that they can really feel like royalty here.

Many species of the felid family (lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars, lynx, bobcats, cougars, cheetahs) have found their home here. In the park you can get to see gibbons, capuchin monkeys and lemurs, parrots, meerkats or turtles close up. You can pet the ungulates (zebras, camels, donkeys, sheep, goats, lamas), rabbits, kangaroos, silkies and peacocks, also feed these animals with food which we provide.

It is financially demanding to run the park, so we would be incredibly thankful for any form of help you may offer. Every cent of all financial contributions will be spent on food and veterinary care for our charges, caretakers' salaries and the upkeep of the enclosures.

Thank you for being Malkia Positive!




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