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Caracal - the desert lynx Charlie & Amy


Amy and Charlie were not entertained in the entertainment park

Amy and Charlie got into our care after being rejected by their mother in the captivity of an entertainment park, when they were just kittens. Thanks to the 24-hour care they got used to people and to this day they like to cuddle around the feet like kittens. But they demand respect and space, if we need to pick them up. Charlie is more cuddly and has a bigger appetite than Amy.

Caracals don't belong among the endangered species. They are native to Africa, South, Central and West Asia. They live in dry scrubby desert areas.

Caracal is able to jump 3 m high while knocking down flying birds. His named is derived from the Turkish word Kara kulak, which means ‘black ears’.

For the ADOPTION DONATION for Charlie & Amy we would like to thank: Martina Mošková.


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