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Red fox Eliška


 Tamed Miss Eliška can no longer go into the wild

The fox Eliška was saved by the former owners as a small cub - she would be killed as the hunting harmfull animals regulation.
She was raised inside the house on goat's milk. Even when the owners took it, they knew that it was not permanent - they would not be able to provide her enough live space in the future.
But they were not able to leave her there then.

A beautiful young girl grew out of a small fox. In human care, however, she has lost the fear of peaple, has no natural shyness, and the company of people seeks out.
Therefore, it is not possible to release it into the wild. However, the soul of the hunter and predator is also heard in it, and its distinctive perfume can also be smelled in the house.
The owners wanted to give her the best possible conditions, so they asked Malkia Park if it would be possible to find a home for the fox Eliška.

The fox is our most common carnivore. It occurs in virtually all types of habitats, where it finds suitable food. The only condition is where he can find shelter.

Foxes inhabit mainly earth burrows. Underground burrows are preferably excavated on sunny slopes. The fox den has a branched system of corridors with several exits. The fox lines the nesting chamber with fur, which it pulls out of its abdomen. Its lair, especially in the spring, is far from recognizable by the pile of excavated soil.

The food of foxes is mainly smaller species of mammals, but also birds and their eggs, amphibians, snails, insects and berries. It does not despise carcasses or rubbish. In agricultural land, despite the damage it can do to small game, it is very useful because it destroys many small rodents, especially voles and mice.
In recent years, there have been reports of foxes in landfills and large cities where they feed on garbage.
They have already seen them visiting containers and eating from dog bowls.

The fox is a solitary and stray animal, only a mother with young or a few siblings live together. They mate in January-February, males fight among themselves becouse of interest of females. Especially then, but also sometimes, they sound barking.

Thanks to their keen senses and renowned intelligence, they cleverly escape persecution. The fox is a bright animal, it has a very well-developed hearing and smell.

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