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Bobcat Garfield R.I.P.


Bobcat Garfield

The red lynx has a so-called "sideburns" on the face and a vaulted tail - in his homeland is called bobcat after a short - rabbit tail. 
The coat is mostly reddish brown with various spots.
It hunts bipeds - hares, but also feeds on rodents, deer and carrion.
It reaches a length of 65 - 110 cm and a weight of 4 - 15.5 kg.

The red lynx occurs naturally in southern Canada, the United States and Mexico.
It lives in deserts and mixed and coniferous forests. It is considered a relatively abundant species in America.
In America, the red lynx is found in a number of fables and myths, and some tribes of Indians worshiped it as a deity.

The red lynx marks its territory, (urine, dung, scratching trees) it is strongly territorial and solitary.

The only feline beast where the territory is guarded more by a female than a male. The male meets the female only during the mating season, the female takes care of the young herself.

The coloration is very diverse, but in general it can be said that the more northern the lynx lives, the lighter the coat, so that it is best camouflaged in the snowy landscape.
The basic color of his coat is gray with a yellowish to rusty color and with brown to reddish-brown spots.
Winter coat is significantly longer and thicker, with less pronounced spotting. A dark band often stretches in the middle of the back, the abdomen is clearly lighter to white.

Every night he travels a distance of 3 - 11 km. 

Garfield can no longer be adopted, he died on July 30, 2020.
He will remain in our hearts forever. 


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