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Cape Barren goose Helga


The unique goose

Even though they are considered as the most unique goose species in the world, they don't belong amongst the endangered animal species and their numbers are quite appropriate.

A specific characteristic of a cape barren goose is their yellow coloured beak.

The Latin name "Cereopis" is derived from the Greek words keros = wax and opsis = similar, because the beak of this bird looks like wax.

Male and female differ from each other in their sound, the female makes a sound similar to hoarseness, the male typical gua gua, similar to goose sound.

Even though they have swimming membranes, they spend most of their time on land. They stay on the water surface for a long time only at the time of moulting - at that time they cannot fly away to the predator. They nest in May - at the beginning of Australian winter.
Goslings are black and white and stay with their parents until they nest again.

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