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Bactrian camel Kamil


Kamil's journey from the circus

Kamil came to us from a circus, from unsuitable and stressful conditions, where sadly his parents had to stay. We managed to at least save him and he can now enjoy moving around his freedom. In the Malkia Park he can finally enjoy his sweet freedom and we give him love and the best care.

In the wild the bactrian camel is on the verge of extinction. The last of its population (couple of hundreds) living free in the wild in the Gobi Desert in the south-west of Mongolia.

There are about 15 million domesticated camels in the world, mostly in the north Africa and west Asia. In the Mongolian desert, there are small groups of wild camels. In Australia, we can find around 25 thousand feral dromedaries (some reports say even around 700 thousand), offsprings of camels imported from Arabia.

Camels are easy-going and effortless, they are satisfied with nutritionally very poor food and they are very effective when it comes to water saving. Their humps serve as fat storage - the source of metabolic water. The myth that they keep water in their humps is therefore not true.


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