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Leopard Oscar


 Oscar - even a leopard from a bad condition by a Polish private breeder found refuge in Malkia Park

In Poland, the government seized beasts kept by a private person in poor conditions, along with more than 80 other animals.
The Polish government has tried to place beasts in their zoos, but it is very difficult.
It is not possible to put beasts together to the enclosures with among the animals already dealt with there, there would be fights with serious, even fatal consequences.
Zoos would therefore have to redistribute their enclosures, which would reduce their environment, or build new enclosures for new carnivores, which is very time, financially and spatially demanding.
Therefore, the Polish government also asked Malkia Park if we have the opportunity to place the beast, and since we were still building enclosures at that time, we were able to receive the Leopard Oscar with a group of tigers Kenzo, Chance and Diesel - they are in our deposit.
We try to create the best and most dignified living conditions for them with a lot of enrichment.

In the enclosures of carnivores we regularly add new special toys, wooden climbing frames, branches, odor stimuli (we put paper boxes with meat in the enclosure, which we previously placed in the ungulate space to smell the typical scents of ungulates, they export and perfume it - they do so even in the wild - to cover their smell and be as inconspicuous as possible when hunting prey.
Since there is also meat in the smelled paper box, they feel that they caught the meat after tearing the box.
It is a simple enrichment, because we do not give any living prey to beasts enclosures.
It would be unfair to prey, which has no escape areas in the enclosure, and has nowhere to hide. Our beasts do not have developed hunting skills and are not hungry, so they would hunt only for fun, they would just play with prey and bother it.
No one is allowed to enter the enclosure when there is a beast, so we would not be able to help prey, so we do not put live prey in animal enclosures.

The leopard can jump to a distance of up to 5 meters, as it has strong scapular muscles, it can climb well - it takes the prey it catches in the wild in its teeth to tree branches and eats it there in peace - protecting it from potential thieves - other beasts, which could steal it from him on the ground.
Because the leopard is an agile hunter, the deft slender beast and jumping and climbing does not make it a problem.

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