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Brown bear Trudy & Hildegard


Trudy and Hildegard suffered for people's entertainment

Our bear ladies haven't had a very easy life. Before coming to the Malkia Park they never had any kind of freedom. They lived in the constant stress of circus dressage. Trudy and Hildegard are on a well-deserved retirement in the Malkia Park, after 20 years of performing in a circus as an attraction for people. Their act was to ride a motorbike and when they weren't performing, they were kept in a tight cage. That's how we found them, as ‘unnecessary things’ kept in a small 60 square meters cage. They got into our care when they were 23 and 30 years old. For the first time in their life, they could take a bath and enjoy a bigger space. Unfortunately, their life-long suffering in the circus has marked them so much, that to this day (but less often) they go round in a circle in one spot, as they were thought, since they didn't have any other choice. Their physical and psychological defects sadly can't be completely healed.

The brown bear has originally inhabited the whole Europe, except for Iceland and he belonged amongst the hunted animals. The population of bears has always been in the hands of humans. In bigger number, the brown bear currently lives in the forests of north Scandinavia and south-east and central Europe.

The brown bear isn't entirely a carnivore! In the European conditions, 60-80 % of his diet consists is plant based. They also eat insects, larva or carcasses. In our park these bears love the water melon the most.

For the ADOPTION DONATION for Trudy and Hildegard we would like to thank: Alexander Fürdös.


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